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Safe Water Markers

Sailing buoy, identifies that safe, navigable water is all around

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Consisting of vertical white and red stripes, a safe water marker identifies that safe, navigable water is all around. Often used to mark the centre line, mid channel in a navigable channel, the point where land is reached or sometimes the best point of passage under a fixed bridge. They may also be referred to as fairway buoys and have the same characteristics in both IALA buoyage systems. Safe Water Marks will not be numbered but may include a letter to help identification.

Safe Water Mark - Sailing Aids to Navigation
Colour Vertical Red & White stripes
Shapes Spherical, Pillar, Spar
Top Marks If a top mark is carried it is a single red sphere
Lights White, with a slow rhythm, either one long flash every 10 seconds, Isophase, Occulting or Morse Code (A)
Iso or Oc, L.Fl.10s or Mo(A)
Chart Symbol Safe Water Marks - Chart Symbol