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About Us

We Love Sailing

Who is We Love Sailing? and why are we doing this? Other than because we love sailing

I started lovesailing.net over 8 years ago while studying my RYA Day Skipper theory course and was struggling to find websites where I could test what I'd learnt. After several months of looking I decided to write the website myself, if I was wanting a site like this, then maybe other people as well. As far as I know, and please correct me if I'm wrong, We Love Sailing’s testing feature that allows users to answer random questions across different theory categories, and record their score, is one of a kind on the world wide web. And one that I hope is helping other sailors, new and old, improve their sailing knowledge. It certainly helped me to pass my course, and while I was the only person to use the site in the first year, I stuck with it and now it's used daily by sailors all over the world.

This is only the beginning though, there are lots more plans for We Love Sailing, for a start I've added a "We" to the name of the site, I want the site to become a hub to bring people together from all walks of live who love sailing, a community where the can celebrate our sport / hobby, and where those curious about sailing can learn more. The dream is on.

So onto my own personal sailing story, I best start by saying that I am in no way an experienced sailor, in fact I would quite easily class myself as a novice sailor. I've not actually sailed that much, at the time of writing this, 18th April 2018, I've only ever sailed on a yacht 3 times, and in a dinghy about 10 times.

This is only the beginning though, there are lots more plans for love sailing and I'm starting to get excited about the possibilities, the dream is on.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the site.