Parts of a Sailing Boat - Basic Sailing Theory


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Parts of a Sailing Boat


The names of different parts of the inside and outside of a sailing boat

Knowing the parts of a sailing boat is essential to sailing with other crew, it allows communications and instructions to be passed around and understood with confidence.

Performs the same job as the Forestay but is attached to the stern of the boat as opposed to the bow
A horizontal spar attached to the aft of the mast just below the sail. The boom is attached to the sail and keeps the sail flatter when at an angle from the centerline of the boat
The front of the boat
A flag identifying the recreational organisation of a boat
Most commonly a stainless steel wire, the forestay is a piece of standing rigging which helps keep the mast upright. It is attached at the bow of the boat, to the top of the mast
Watertight body of the boat
Triangular sail at the foremast of the vessel
Generates lift using the forward motion of the boat, counteracting the leeward force of the wind. It also provides ballast to the boat
Kicking Strap
A line that connects the boom to the lower of the mast to provide down force on the boom
Main Sail
Sail located behind the main mast of the vessel
A tall vertical spar that supports the sails
Used to steer the boat through the water
The back of the boat
Topping Lift
A line used to hold the boom up while the sail is lowered. Most commonly attached to the aft of the boom to the top of the mast. It is loosened or removed once the sail is raised