Sailing Basics - Basic Sailing Theory


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Easily learn the basics of sailing so that you can enjoy this great pastime even more

How Boats Sail
Understand the science behind how boats sail and why they can sail into the wind
Parts of a Sailing Boat
The names of different parts of the inside and outside of a boat
Parts of a Sail
The names of different parts of a main sail
Points of Sail
The direction a boat is sailing in relation to where the wind is coming from
Relative Terms
When sailing we describe things in relation to the boat or wind. If somebody shouts "Collision AHead", you're going to want to know where to look
Rules of the Road
Standardize rules and practices for all vessels to prevent collisions
Tack: Starboard vs Port
Tack is an alignment of the boat to the wind. It's a very basic term in sailing that should be understood early on
A glossary of sailing terminology